Dsi Unlaunch 1.9 SD

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  1. pumpkineater

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    Aug 17, 2019
    Hi guys and girls , i am playing around with a new dsi , and was wondering if anyone has a clean download and install file to put on my sd card in order to just plug and play ...

    i got unlaunch on it but nothing really works or i can't seem to see how i would do so ...

    thanks a bunch!

  2. alexander1970

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    Nov 8, 2018

    For better understanding:
    On hacking there is no really PLUG AND PLAY.:)

    You have to do a little (Exploits works in a hand or two) and also there is no 100% warranty of success.
    If you are unsure or have concerns then PLEASE LEAVE your DSi as it be !
    PLEASE do not TINKER and PLAYING around with your new DSi of having no IDEA what you doing.

    It's just a well-intentioned advice, not anymore.:)

    If you have really interest how this works,then please ask for help or advise.
    Or you can also read good manuals like this:


    If you have questions,please feel free to ask,here in this great forum are many users who can help you if you want.

    Thank you.:)

    P.S You can do what you want with your DSi.
    But please look over the DSi Forum,it is full of Threads with "First try" experiences they go wrong.:)