DS1942 v1.1 (01/24/2008)

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    [​IMG] DS1942 v1.1 (01/24/2008)

    DS1942 is an EMU for the MAME arcade ROMs. It plays by tilting your DS sideways, which is a bit disorientating but retains the original aspect ratio. GBATemp reminds you to never ask where to get ROMs.

    v1.1: 01/24/2008
    * Added an icon file. Nds
    * Backup of hi-scores in a file . Sav
    * Rewrote sound AY-8910 from the source code of MAME 0129

    Supported ROMs

    [​IMG] Download
    [​IMG] Source
    [​IMG] Discuss
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    [​IMG] Hope someone can help me here.

    I´m using a CycloDS Evolution FW 1.53 with an 8GB SanDisk SD card.

    I´ve placed the 1942.nds file at the root of my sd card, but it doesn´t show up in my games list.

    I have also tried pre-dldi patching it before putting it on the card, with the same results.

    I put the roms in a folder named MAMERoms, but I don´t think that has anything to do with the .nds file not showing up in the games list.

    Thanks for any help anyone can offer!