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    Hello everyone,

    yeah dragon quest VI work on the lastest build of Snes ds but when a dialogue box opened the text is unreadble and a lot of pixel crash .
    i want to know if somebody had a way to make its work perfectly ( a rom hack or a specific setting) i test all the setting but nothing change...

    Please help [​IMG] [​IMG] i'm a fan of the dragon quest Serie and i can't wait the Ds remake

    Thank you ( i think there is no way but... who know)
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    There are three snes emulators on the DS:
    snes DS: http://www.cs.utah.edu/~tew/snesDS/
    snezzids: http://forwardcoding.com/projects/snezzids/snezzids.html
    snesemulDS: http://www.snemul.com/ds/

    It is generally suggested you use snesemulDS.

    As for hacks the snes and DS need use a different resolution so you can either chop up tiles (probably what you are seeing), squash them (a bit hard on the old CPU) or play with part of the screen missing.

    As for hacks/translations there is not much on romhacking.net and few people tend to hack fonts on snes games (the only place that really ever carried them was gbafan and that is long gone).
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    I think you mean "SNEmulDS" [​IMG]