1. dragonz

    OP dragonz GBAtemp Regular

    Jan 14, 2015
    United States
    During my first time hacking the PSTV I could never get the FTP QCMA apps to work.

    Here's how I'm able to transfer files into my USB and I'm able to see the Hidden files, such as app, app data ect.
    (note: I'm hoping this could also work for people who use SD cards or Hardrives)

    Once you download your files that you want to put inside the USB that you are using for your psvita or PSVT
    simply go into your PC (OS) windows folder options named "change folder and search options" than go to view tab, and un-check
    the "hide protected operating system files(recommended)."

    Once you do this, you will able to see hidden folders from your psvita USB that you can normally only see if you had shell running.
    Simply transfer whatever files you need to from there.

    **WARNING** make sure to check the "hide protected operating system files(recommended)." back to the way it was once you are done transferring the files, and it's best not to delete any files that show transparent in your system.

    I hope this helps someone, like it did to me.
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  2. wiewiec

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    Dec 24, 2015
    For PSTV USB is only option to quick copy files, QCMA only works via WIFI.
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