Do Delays Equal Wii U versions?

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    In case you haven't heard the Tomb Raider reboot and Bioshock: Infinite have both been delayed until the first quarter of 2013, why?

    I can only think of one answer, Wii U

    Are Crystal Dynamics and Irrational finally working on Wii U versions of their games or is this merely coincidence?
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    If every delayed game meant that it will be released for more platforms, Duke Nukem Forever would probably have a Microwave Edition by now.

    Wait for official statements. ;)
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  3. machomuu

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    Couldn't they just release the games on their scheduled dates and then release them on the Wii U on its release? That seems smarter to me, especially since it costs them more money to wait. I mean, it is a possibility, but I can think of other reasons as to why they'd delay the games as well.
  4. soulx

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    For Tomb Raider]

    It's coming to the Wii U.
  5. Mario264

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    If they did that it would cause confusion with customers wouldn't it? I mean, firstly there would be people who quite rightly would have already played it on Xbox 360 or PS3 and wouldn't see the need to buy the Wii U version unless they went ahead and called the games something different (Like Batman: Armoured edition, giving a fancy name to what is essentially the same game). They would need to give reasons to get the Wii U version like "Oh, there is extra skins now and touchscreen controls!" Therefore it's more clever to delay the game and release them at the same time so they wont need to justify why the Wii U version is worth buying and just let the consumers decide which version to get.
  6. machomuu

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    The simple trick is advertising. All they have to do is note that the game will be released later in the ads, the consumer will take note. What's more, they could just relaunch advertising on console launch, it's still be a cheaper option then waiting.