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    Ok I order a Dku-5 cable to do my friends lite drive. I want to make I go everything that is need. I found the rx wire its the green on. I got a sewing needle and a 10k resistor. I wire the needle and rx cable together and then the resistor or can I just use the resistor in replace of the needle and I want to make sure I put the resistor facing the right way.

    and is there away to test that I am getting a single from the wire before trying to do the drive.

    Thanks in advance
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    Interesting way around it, I had forgotten all about this method. Others reading a lot of mobile phone/cell phone cables act as USB to serial/ttl cables and as such can be used as serial adapters for 7 series liteon drive key extraction.

    Back on topic resistors do not have polarity (some like to point the gold band towards "negative" though) but from what I recall there was no need for the resistor as the USB cable should have sorted all the required voltage levels.

    The reason for the needle is that the hole you have to put it in is very small. The leg of your resistor might make it but it will be hard work.

    To test it beforehand, assuming you have drivers installed the easiest way is to wire the tx and rx wires together (making a crude null modem cable/adapter) and then use something like hyperterminal with the "com port" you have the thing on (probably com 3), enter anything you feel like and press enter/send. If working you text will be echoed/received.