(dis) advantages of psp grader or pandora deluxe versus legions manual

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    Nov 29, 2008
    a newbie about to try this (tomorrow eek!)

    different leads lead to different solutions for creating a magic media card.

    legions method looks relatively okay, using psp grader looks even easier, pandora deluxe im not sure if it does extra things i dont need to do, or it just looked more complicated when i looked.

    is there any advantage or disadvantage over any of these methods?
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    I've hacked 4 different PSPs (all fats) and i've used different methods for each. Honestly, they all have their ups and downs. I've done Pandora Battery (both converted & purchased), GTA:LCS, and direct downloaded program for downgrading (was at OFW 2.7, so i didn't need anything else heh).

    Each time i've done it, i've done much scouring of different forums, because they're all similarly done, just minor nuances that have changed through the years (did the LCS flash on my buddy's fat a few years ago, and there was a good bricking chance at that time, but it all worked for me).

    The only REAL advice i can give, check out a few methods, READ through them, and see which works best for you. And when you get down to it, FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS exactly. Don't try and customize them to your liking, THAT is when bad things can happen.

    But really, check here or on google and find a couple of methods, read them, and understand what you can. Thats the best way [​IMG]