Decent Media Playback, is it possible?

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  1. godofwrath

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    Sep 30, 2007
    So, I was doing some thinking and I figured, hey... I have a couple of spare SD cards, what if I could actually rip my 3D movies and put them on there and watch them on the 3ds, which I did a little looking and it's possible to do legitimately via the camera, though the files have to be chopped into sections and it makes viewing a pain...

    So really what I'm wondering is... Is it actually possible for a flashcart/homebrew to offer some kind of decent playback that doesn't require splitting a file and essentially killing the quality to almost unwatchable levels?

    Or am I just stuck in the moonshell days and dreaming of things that'll never happen........

    *Edit: I know the new 3ds has html5 capabilities too, which means full plex media server support via the web browser, but I'm thinking more regular 3ds :(
  2. Ray305

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    Jan 16, 2012
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    I don't see why a media player wouldn't be possible. If Gateway managed to develop a software solution for downgrading then anything is possible. :lol: