Hacking Debugging possible? File access view?


Disco Ninja Frog
Aug 16, 2008
Hey hey people.

I been trying to rummage through Persona 5's files for last week or so, trying to find specific sound clips to use mainly for Phone sounds etc. Some people did this for some files already which can be found googling. Some are in english only, when I want to rip the Japanese voices myself, etc.

Trying to find one specific sound though proved very hard though. For whatever reason two very logical collectives of voice clips still missed the one clip I was specifically searching for, which exists in the game since it is a very common voice clip you hear in the game (morgana saying "OI!" in fast manner)

Usually at this point I would just give up and wire up my sound output to RCA with my PS3, use some adapter cables and plug it into my PC for clean recording, shut down the music of the game and just record the sound, but Persona 5 does not have options for sound levels, and music cannot be turned off.

At this point one idea was to use any sort of debugging that could show what files the game is loading. This way I could trigger the sound clip in game, see which file is accessed for it, and then go to same place and extract/convert what I am seeking for. In either RPCS3 or CFW PS3.

Sadly, I have no idea about debugging or even figuring out is what I am seeking even possible in any simple manner. The file calls may be very different in each game and I do not even know are specific file reads visible to a debugger in any readable manner.

Still; I would like to ask if anyone knows a simple way to go through data access in debugging, and is it possible to do with CFW PS3 or emulator in any way.

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