CycloDS dead? PROBLEMS!

Discussion in 'CycloDS' started by dranzeer, Apr 22, 2010.

  1. dranzeer

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    Jan 21, 2009
    Sorry folks, this is my first post, and it's a long one. [​IMG]

    I have bought the CycloDS for about a year and 3 months+ [no warranty now...]. It started acting up yesterday when I was playing Pokemon SoulSilver with Firmware v1.58B2 and it froze on me during an hour of play. I turned the DS off then on again and for the last portion of the CycloDS loading bar(90% loaded) I saw a BlackScreen.
    Here is a list of tries to solve this problem[from a lot of reading on this forum and CycloDS forum];
    My Stuff = 1x DS Lite; 1x CycloDS EVO HW ver: 1.1, Region: 1; 1x Sandisk MicroSDHC 8Gb; EZ3in1+
    (1) Took the CycloDS and microSD blew into the holes re-inserted cart turn on load CyDS EVO, same thing. BlackScreen.
    (2) Backed up SD to PC, Format fat32 copied to following to => "\NDS\SoulSilver.nds" + "\NDS\SoulSilver.sav", BlackScreen.
    (3) Copied just "\NDS\SoulSilver.nds" to a clean 2Gb MicroSD [not HC], ran the CycloDS. Got pass the loading screen, "MicroSD card not found. Please turn off insert.... bla bla...."
    (4) Formatted both the MicroSD cards copied the update.evo v1.58[stable] to the root folder. Went into Recovery Mode [Down+B], [A] = "File not found. Abort!"
    (5) Tried step (4) again replacing with firmware v1.22 to root folder "File not found. Abort!".
    *Note: all memory cards work, CycloDS can run upto the no MicroSD card found screen[typical]
    So from this point I believe it just died on me. [​IMG] [Any other solutions I can try?]

    Now I want to buy a new card. So should I
    Buy another CycloDS Evolution or is there a better DSL Card?
    I just want a card that can do what the CycloDS can + full compatibility with the EZ3in1+ so rumble works.
    SO that means, it can do Pokemon R.S.E/D.P.Pl/HG.SS Wii connectivity [​IMG] . Plus migrate from GBA to Pearl/Diamond [​IMG] . Plus Rumble
    Sorry for asking so much. [​IMG]
    Thanks for reading! [​IMG]
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    One thing though - is it ONLY Pokemon Soul Silver that does this? Or is it all games? Pokemon Soul Silver and Heart Gold are known to have problems - use Rudolph's Child's Play Patch.

    EDIT: Too hasty to reply. Try another micro SD card and see if that fixes anything. It could just be a bad card.

    EDIT(2): AGAIN too hasty to reply. If two micro SD cards didn't work, chances are your Cyclo's contacts inside for reading the card have worn out. Time to switch to an AceKard2. [​IMG]
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    Could be problem with the contacts. Try the paper trick (tape a piece of paper to the sticker side of the cart so that it pushes against the DS's contacts better).

    Either that or your cart really did die. I don't know how well other carts compare to the Cyclo in terms of the feature you mentioned. From what I have heard the Cyclo still has the best Wii-to-DS connectivity so I'd say your best bet is to get another Cyclo.
  4. Ammako

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    Dec 22, 2009
    Fixed by Team Cyclops since firmware v1.58B1.