Custom GBC parts compatability?

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    Hi, Im a newcomer here and despite having a love for retrogaming, I have very little experience with custom electronics modification. Im hoping to change this as I have just ordered a soldering kit, 30 gauge wire, solder wire, flux and a few custom GBC parts.

    The question I have is will these parts be compatible.

    I recently ordered one of the BennVenn batch 6 drop in LCD kits, and also a GBAmp v3 and speaker

    I want to put both of these on the same GBC guts, will these 2 parts be compatible?

    Also I have both a standard GBC and one that's frontlit AGS-001

    I want to install the LCD kit and GBAmp on the regular GBC guts, and then swap those into the frontlit ones case, and then take the frontlit guts and put them into the standard GBC case.

    If anyone has any advice, knowledge on the compatibility, or any other helpful info for this project please let me know! I also wouldn't mind some soldering advice. Thank-you in advance! (and I hope i put this in the right subforum!) :grog:
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    They are unrelated devices so no need to worry on that front. The others are location and combined too much power draw.
    Location wise then should be OK but as you are flying wires around it then no great worry there if you need to find another location or shuffle it around a few mm.
    Power wise it might suck down more than some really cheap nicd rechargeables can put out but enough people have combined if not this combo then something similar enough.

    As far as doing a gut swap after it is all over then should be fine too -- there are no different case revisions or anything I am aware of like that.
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