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Discussion in 'Supercard' started by Lilith Valentine, Jun 9, 2010.

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    Since the other list wasn't kept updated I made this one to update the current status of GBA games that work on the Supercard Two thus far.
    Please help out by posting your findings as well. Because right now I am sorting through the other thread to see what is working and what isn't working as well as adding in the games I have tested.
    The lists are in order of testing, so until use "Ctrl+F" to find the game you are liking for at the moment, I will fix it up later when I get a more stable list.
    This list is still a work in progress, I will be adding more as well as adding a list of games that kinda work, don't work and a list of modded games that work.

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    Well, I was going to make a topic, but I guess I was just too lazy [​IMG]
    Anyway, why did you put Sonic Advance 1 and 2 in the "working list"? even though you did mention that it doesn't work, you should make 2 separate lists - 1 for working games, and one for non-working games.

    EDIT: nvm, just saw that you wrote you'll add later.
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    Good work, but I just realised there is no real need for this anymore, if we can send in our findings to raing3 he can add them to his list in the sticky, that way more people might get to see it and not have to look through the forum (that is, unless they are noobs that make topics without searching first [​IMG])
  4. Lilith Valentine

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    Sep 13, 2009
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    I did .< I forgot to take those out, thanks for point that out
  5. DarkWay

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    Aug 21, 2008


    [spoiler][title:Working with Problems]
    [color=#0000FF]2 Games in 1 - Scooby-Doo! - Mystery Mayhem & Scooby-Doo! and the Cyber Chase (with minor graphical issues) [U]
    2-in-1 - Dragon Ball Z Gamepack - The Legacy of Goku I & II (sounds are messed up game play okay) [U]
    2-in-1 - Quad Desert Fury & Monster Trucks (seems to run a little slow) [U]
    2-in-1 - Sonic Gamepack - Sonic Pinball Party & Sonic Advance (Sonic Pinball Works sonic advance is loading to gray bars) [U]
    2-in-1 - Spider-Man - Mysterio's Menace & X2 - Wolverine's Revenge (very minor graphical issues) [U]
    2-in-1 - Spider-Man & Spider-Man 2 (very minor graphical issues) [U]
    2-in-1 - Tony Hawk's Underground & Kelly Slater's Pro Surfer (surfer suffers from jerkiness) [U]
    Advance Wars 2 (A little slow) [U, E]
    Boktai 2: Solar Boy Django - runs but may have frame rate issues with multiple enemies on screen and when entering a new area.
    Boktai 3 - Works with translation patch but may have the same issues as Boktai 2
    Boktai: The Sun is in Your Hand - has the RTC problem that VBAgx has on the Wii
    Castlevania Circle of the moon - A Bit laggy at times
    Donkey Kong Contry (Slow) [U]
    doom - playable a bit laggy
    Doom 1 (lag spikes occasionally) [U, E]
    Dragonball Z The Legacy of Goku II - Works until World map (Can be Fixed with a patch)
    Golden Sun (lags during battles) [All regions]
    Golden Sun 2 (glitchy movements and music) [U, E]
    Kingdom Hearts Chain of Memories - Works after getting past intro through save state trick*
    Megaman Zero 3 (graphical issues) [All regions]
    Meganman Zero 2 (graphical issues) [All regions]
    Pokemon Fire Red (Slow) [U]
    Rayman 3: Runs - but did notice a little screen corruption when flashing through the intro
    Rhythm Tengoku - works fine(may have frame rate/chopiness problems on scrolling screens, such as the bunny jumping stage)
    Summon Night Swordcraft Story 2 (Slow) [U]
    Super Bust-A-Move: Runs
    Super Mario World (slight frameskip and button lag) [All regions?][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/U][/color][U][U][U][U][U][U][U][U][U][U]

    [spoiler][title:Unplayable/Not Working]
    [color=#FF0000]Banjo Kazooie: Grunty's Revenge [E]
    Classic NES series [U, E]
    Classic NES Super Mario Brothers [U, E]
    Doom 2 [All regions?]
    Famicom Mini Series [J]
    Kingdom Hearts CoM [U]
    Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (item pick up and conversations are very glitchy) [All regions?]
    Ninja Five [U]
    Sonic Advance [U]
    Super Mario Advance 3 SMB World [E]
    Tales of Phantasia [U]
    Tony Hawk Pro Skater 2 [U, E][/U][/U][/U][/U][/color][U][U][U][U]

    [color=#FFA500]WARNING - Duplicates may exist and some games may have been fixed since the GBA Emulator 1.21 update + game_config.txt
    Also all have been tested by various users on default settings unless specified otherwise.[/color][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u][/u]
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    knH CoM does work guys i think you need to put that under works, but with the rts save itll work,
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    Dec 20, 2008
    This should be a sticky!
  8. Overlord Nadrian

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    Jul 28, 2008
    No, because there already is a sticky about testing GBA games. Let's keep posting the results in here though to keep the sticky from being cluttered.
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    Some of the games I've tested recently and also had posted in the similar thread on the Supercard forum.

    Note: All of these are tested with the game_config.txt


    Back to Stone (USA) - Unplayable - Seriously bad frameskipping or something else. When set to Auto, Frameskip jumps from 2 to 8. Not sure what the problem is but wow is it bad. Still pretty slow if you turn off sound and set it to manual and frameskip to 0 or 1. Not nearly as jerky though as with Auto.

    Earthworm Jim (USA) - Unplayable. Game boots, Main Menu comes up but as soon as you start a new game and choose the first area the emulator freezes.


    Tales of Phantasia (USA) - Playable

    Spyro: Season of Ice (USA) - Perfectly Playable

    Pinobee - Wings of Adventure (USA) - Perfectly Playable.

    Final Fantasy Tactics Advance (USA) - Playable. No problems seen so far.

    Megaman Battle Network (USA) - Playable. No problems seen so far.

    Lufia - The Ruins of Lore (USA) - Playable. No problems seen so far.

    Demikids Light Version and Demikids Dark Version (USA) - Perfectly Playable. No problems seen so far.

    Lunar Legends (USA) - Playable - So far haven't seen any issues.

    Metroid Fusion (USA) - Playable/Finishable - Just to let you all know I beat the game in about 7 hours of play time.

    Digimon Battle Spirit (USA) - Plays perfectly (not much of a great game though)

    Playable with Major/Minor Issues:

    Advance Wars v1.1 (USA) - Playable with a minor flicker of graphic corruption. It clears up as soon as you see it but it can be annoying. I didn't test the 1.0 version but I assume it would be the same. Sometimes dialogs won't show up properly.

    Castlevania: Circle of the Moon (USA) - Playable. Minor graphical glitch when bringing up the Map with SELECT but clears when the map fully comes up.

    Robopon 2 Cross Version and Robopon 2 Ring Version (USA) - Playable with minor issues. (see additions below) The game still has a nasty glitch which resets/crashes the emulator at random times so be sure to save state often.

    Sigma Star Saga (USA) - Playable with a major/minor issue. Depending on how you look at it the upper status bar (health/etc) is missing which could make the game a bit harder.

    Addition(s) to the game_config.txt

    This makes the USA versions of Robopon 2 work:
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    judging by what works and what doesn't why not do a not working list. as we get emulator updates and game configs out you can just remove roms as they become playable.

    time wise much more efficient plus different people have different opinions about working no problems.

    either way great place to come to for a quick check.
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    um.... Ninja Five-0 works for me >_>