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Jul 5, 2017
its difficult to have memories of something and you know that you probably wont find it again. I don't know if it was with actors or animation or puppet animation or clay animation. i don't know if it was movie, episode, or ad. but it was really dark. the scene takes places in a dark place like an attic. there is a little boy staring at a big smiling clown (don't know if its a giant puppet or real) they stare at eacth other and suddenly the kid runs and hugs him. i am not sure but the clown was half giant red ball in the bottom and clown in the torso. i remember when they looked each other there was a close up in the face of the boy and in the face of the clown. no music. really silent and weird. and suddenly the kid runs to him and as they hug the swing back and forth and as i recall a good piece of musice started playing. used to see this in my old vhs tape which i don't have anymore. so this was made before 1999. it was so unique. i never seen anything like this. it was creepy at first but heartwarming too. the clown thing looked like this only fatter.$_35.JPG?set_id=2

the problem is we don't know what country is it. I am greek but I doubt that was greek made. I found some pictures from the movie "scrooged" that help me recreate the camera angles of the scene. also I don't know if it was part of a full movie but the scene was like this. first we see in a dark room the face of a little kid (boy or girl)

then the camera changes to the clown standing there. and then close up to its face.

then the camera changes up and far away as if it was a security camera. and we see the kid running and hugging the clown thing. I wish I remember if it was actors or puppet animation.

no. I uploaded the camera angles like a storyboard of the video using paint.

the scene shows 2 figures just staring each other in a dark place like an attic.

then we have a close up of the kid's face

then a full body shot of the clown

then a close up of the clown

then a generic view where the kid runs to hug the clown. also there is a window that throws light in the dark attic. at that point a good music is heard as if a Disney movie.

as they hug the clown thing goes back and forth like a rocking chair around itself. they continue hugging

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