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    Sep 14, 2008
    Well basicly, I am making a music video for my media coursework and the song chosen was Disturbia, but we need to preliminary reasurch first so I done a Questionnaire. Could You please be kind enough to answer the questions.
    It is under the assumption that you have heard and like Disturbia. Any help appreciated.

    1. What genre to you feal Rihanna comes under?

    2. What genre to you feal Disturbia comes under?

    3. What is your favorate part of the Disturbia music video?

    4. What part of the video do you think is the most important?

    5. What other Rihanna song do you like?(please list at least one)

    6. What other music artists do you like?(please list at least one)

    7. Out of those artists please name one song you like of thiers for each.(Please say which artist for each song)

    The rest of the questions are to put your answers into context

    Age band:
    under 16
    17 - 25
    26 - 35
    36 - 40
    41 - 45


    (if not working then
    say on benifits student
    or other, if other please specify)