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Jun 20, 2007
A new Scene site called is giving away a Wii and 360! This is a great chance to get yourself a nice early Christmas present.

Please remember to put your referral as Auyx on sign-up.

QUOTE said:
Site Launch Promo Offer
We are going to be having a little contest for all of our members once the site go lives.

The contest will be a raffle type contest and the prizes will be:

(1) Nintendo Wii Bundle - Includes Nintendo Wii Sports Edition and Extra WiiMote
(1) Microsoft Xbox 360 Premium Bundle - Includes Extra Controller, Forza 2 Motorsport & Marvel Ultimate Alliance.

There will be two winning members and the prize will be selected randomly. So 1 person will win the Nintendo Wii and the other will win the Microsoft Xbox 360.

How it works:

This is the part where you have to work to win. You will be given 1 raffle point for each MEANINGFUL post you contribute to the website and 2 raffle points for each person who you refer to the site. As a bonus you will also get .25 points for every meaningful post they make and .5 points for everyone they refer.

We do have systems in place to check for cheating and those who are caught cheating will be excluded from winning the raffle.

Good Luck to ALL!

The site can be found : Console Scene

Please anyone who signs up from here remember to put me as your referral when you signe up there will be a box with referel user just put Auyx in that box. Ta
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