Confirmed: No Run-and-Gun In Resident Evil 5

Discussion in 'User Submitted News' started by War, Feb 3, 2009.

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    Oct 26, 2007

    "Isn't it just like the internet to propagate unsubstantiated rumors. The latest such rumor surrounding the upcoming survival horror shooter Resident Evil 5 may have given the game some free publicity, but Capcom has decided that enough is enough. It's squashing the rumor once and for all in its latest community blog post. The "action" controls will not allow you to move and shoot simultaneously. Chris Redfield's testosterone-filled body makes multitasking an impossibility.

    "While RE5 is very action-heavy, the base RE game design mechanic of holding fast while shooting remains," says the Capcom blog. Newcomers to the series may need to make some "mental readjustments," but the controls have remained this way to establish a sense of risk and danger while in combat. The new controls will instead grant "more natural motion to the second analog stick on your 360 or PS3 controller," allowing you to strafe. We're sure there are strong advocates for both sides of the argument amongst Resident Evil 5's audience. Maybe not Chris Redfield strong ... but strong."

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    i never heard of that rumor
    i still don't care as long as you can move and shoot i'll be happy
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    Well, you can't run around and shoot, thank goodness.

    Personally, I was hoping they'd drop the strafing as well, but nope. Oh well.
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    Is this really news worthy? Anyone who actually believed that rumor is stupid. Anyone who has seen RE5 knows its a better looking RE4. RE4 had no run and gun at all. Its not Resident evil if it has run and gun.
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    Quote for very much truth.
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    i find this thread interesting and informative.