Cholera confirmed in Haiti's capital Port-au-Prince.

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    The health ministry in Port-au-Prince has confirmed that the country's cholera epidemic has reached the Haitian capital.
    Doctors are treating 73 people for cholera, amid fears the disease could spread across the quake-hit city.
    Dozens of suspected cases are also being investigated, which has feared an outbreak since October.
    The country's health ministry says 583 people have died in Haiti's epidemic, and more than 9,000 are being treated.
    Several cases were in fact confirmed in Port-au-Prince in the first few weeks of Haiti's cholera outbreak.
    A man bathes with water collected from a puddle in a street of Port-au-Prince, 8 November 2010 Haiti's health minister said a cholera outbreak in the capital was likely.
    All of those affected had recently arrived in the city from the Artibonite region, where the disease was first detected.
    Many of the current patients as well as people with suspected cholera had also come to Port-au-Prince from elsewhere in Haiti, including the Artibonite Valley, a health ministry official told the AP news agency.
    But the ministry confirmed that at least one patient, a 3-year-old boy, had caught the disease although he had not recently travelled or been in contact with anybody from the Artibonite region.[/p]
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    What exactly is cholera?
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    You could have just... wikipedia'd it.
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    wasn't Cholera seen durring the Oregon trail era alot? and i thought its eraticated in the US today then again haiti is a poor country
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    Fuck...and its not even the end of the year yet! How much must these people suffer from this?
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    Jesus Christ. Are these people so backward and stupid that they drink the water they piss and shit in without doing anything to it. You can make a crude gravel filter, you can boil it, use bleach, iodine, alcohol. It's really hard to have sympathy for these people when they can't do the most basic thing to help themselves.
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    Ok Pliskron. Imagine you have none of these things. You're poor, your country has been recently hit by an earthquake which crippled/destroyed what little infrastructure you have. Now you're desperate for a drink. You'll drink anything no matter how dirty it is because there is no other option and it's still water.
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    @Pliskron, Don't be insensitive man.Like what jamstruth said,even simple commodities in a catastrophe-stricken country is hard to get and obtain even if you have money.Just put yourself in their shoes man,even heating water can be hard,especially if your wares were lost or buried in the quake.Not all people have survival skills and knowledge.