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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by HisshouBuraiKen, Feb 4, 2009.

  1. HisshouBuraiKen

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    I really want to grab "Pole's Big Adventure," a Japanese WiiWare game that is probably not gonna come out over here. I want to actually buy it because it looks hella funny and I wanna support stuff like that. What's the status on changing your shop channel region? I know that the october affected it in some way but is it possible to freely change your shop channel region or no? If so, how? Thanks!
  2. tj_cool

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    The only way I know is by changing your wii's region
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    In the Softmii package, the downgrader allows you to change your shop channel region code.

    It won't affect your system in any other way... do the downgrade, change your shop channel code to Japan, buy the points you need with a Japanese credit card, change back to the US.

    Yes, you'll have to have a Japanese credit card, or a Japanese Wii Points card... It won't work with US stuff
  4. RadioShadow

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    You will need Any Region Changer to do that. However, in order for this to work, you must format the shop channel account (due to Nintendo being assholes and adding in extra secruity).


    1 - Format the Wii Shop Channel account (have to go into the Wii Shop Channel Online to do this).

    Note: At this point, do not go back into the Wii Shop Channel, otherwise it will just create a new US Channel accont.

    2 - Using Homebrew, open Any Region Changer (google it).

    3 - Change the Country Code to '01'.

    4 - Save changes and exit to the Wii Menu.

    5 - Now go back into the Wii Shop Channel. Just follow the instructions (most of it will be in English) and it will create a Japan Wii Shop Channel accont.

    6 - Now you will need to purchase some Japanese Wii Points. I recommend getting them from here.. I heard you can use a Credit Card (the ones the Wii accepts) but your security details won't be as safe unlike purchasing Wii Points using a credit card on the US Channel.

    7 - Once you get some points, buy the require games. You will find that you can't actually play them (they will just say the Channel can't be used) so you will have to dump the Wii contents onto a SD Card using FS-Dumper using Homebrew. Then WAD Packer to make the WAD, Region free the WAD and reinstall! I'll post the require tools later on.

    8 - Repeat Steps 1 -5 to go back to using the US Shop Channel. Any Region Changer mentions what the US country code is.
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    Just a word of caution before you do this. Formatting the shop channel will delete anything the you have purchased from the shop channel and any wii points that you have. To use the japanese channels you can install perloader and enable the region free channels hack. That will make it work, however changing the shop channel back to usa will delete the japanese games that you bought. If you want to go back to the usa shop channel then you want to use the FS dumper so you can reinstall the channel after you change the shop channel back. I don't use the shop channel much so i left mine in japanese. My friends get a kick out of it.
  6. HisshouBuraiKen

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    Thanks for the steps radioshadow! I should be able to take care of everything with the info you gave me (I've been around the wii homebrew block).

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    The bits mentioned here about losing your Wii Points when switching your store region are absolutely false. I have, more than once, changed my shop from US to JPN to EUR and back and kept my points the whole time. I've bought stuff from the JPN store, changed back to the US store and everything worked peachy keen - the game played just fine and I've bought games from the US store since.

    Unless Nintendo has changed the Wii Shop since Mario Golf was released on the JPN store (which is the last game I bought from there, and then also bought from the US store), you do not need to worry about losing your points when switching regions with AnyRegion Changer.
  8. althena77

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    Jan 25, 2009
    Hi, did anyone actually try this by now with Pole's Big Adventure? I am also highly interested in this game and just wonder if it is worth all these efforts [​IMG]
    After I did buy the game and made my own region free WAD or changed the game region with AnyRegionChanger to Japan, would the game run under 3.2E or would I probably have to upgrade to 3.4?
  9. tubebar

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    May 17, 2009
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    I changed my shop last night. You have to close your current account or when you try to change stores Nintendo will warn you and time out.

    Of course this is my experince going from a US store to a JPN store. Nintendo will delete every game you purchased and close the account, then change the shop's region and start a new account.

    Yes they may have updated that, or this is for US to JPN, hard to say what they do for various regions w/o trying it.
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    i'm hoping there's a way to hack the RB2 US disc to download songs from the UK when the UK version comes out...

    i mean, put the english DLC website in place of the US on and then it'll let me keep my save AND download DLC...

    because even when you have wii points and try to download a song on the US RB2 it tells you that you have insufficient funds [​IMG] i was gonna download some spongebob songs for the crack XD
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    im doing this right now all because of monster hunter G [wii] xDD
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    What? Monster Hunter G is on Wii Shopping Channel?