Card slot issue? Warranty after hacking?

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    So I bought a 3ds xl back in the Summer for myself and my nephew. Been running gateway and he has been having a blast with it. I'm not exactly sure what happened, but he is a 7 year old he likely dropped it or was rough with it, now it's having issues reading the Gateway card. When I put a card in the picture will show on the screen but when clicking on it I get the 'an error has occurred please hold down the power button..." screen.

    So, my questions are as follows. The system is still under warranty, but since it has been hacked should I even bother, will nintendo just send it back? I did backup my original nand like everyone warns you should do, but from what I've read it will take some master soldering skills and apps that aren't even in english just for me to get the original nand restored. Then when I do get that, it will be obvious I have messed with it and the warranty will be voided anyway, right?

    Also, just from reading (please correct me if I'm wrong that's why I'm posting) it seems like the issue is likely the card slot. I've seen the slots selling for around 15 bux. Do you think this will solve the problem? How much work is involved in replacing one, is it a lot of soldering as well? I'm no stranger to a solder gun, but things are so tiny now it seems as if everything is made to just be thrown away since the home hobbyist doesn't have equipment with microscopes and tiny points on it.

    Thanks in advance, any help appreciated.
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    I have absolutely NO idea what your problem COULD be. You just don't give enough information. That being said.
    Try to be logical:
    Do other carts work in 3ds like:
    real retail 3ds carts?
    real retail ds/dsi carts?(if you or your nephew ran any of those then you need to re-run ds exploit from blue cart)
    Blue Cart included w/ Gateway?

    If all of those work it is NOT your 3ds console/hardware. It could be the Gateway RED cart.
    Did he update your firmware?(be really careful of this/maybe even set parental controls since he is just 7 years old to prevent updating)
    Good Luck
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    you could restore your old nand by entering the gateway menu and pressing up+downgrade button, this restores the NAND.bin on your SD
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    I would recommend you not send it to Nintendo if you want to keep Gateway compatibility. They are known to update consoles to latest firmware and many times they just swap the motherboard so you won't even be able to flash a NAND backup to it (if you had made one) because the encryption for NAND/Emunand backups are unique to the motherboard it was pulled from.
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    I had this issue with my R4i Gold 3DS RTS and my friends 3DS he has the exact same flashcard I do but when my card was inserted it gave an error screen after pressing the card Icon, I cleaned the contacts with some rubbing alcohol and it worked guess the contacts were dirty from my dslite which sometimes gives me contact issues and loads my ez-flash 3in1