Can anyone suggest me a good...

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    Jul 17, 2009
    online multi-player game?
    something which is not browser based and free to play which isnt ruined by the "member only" or "premium" or "cyber cash" items.
    i have seen some good MMOs being turned into garbage by these attempts to earn more money.

    games like silkroad, gunbound and COunter-strike online (japanese) were good at first but not when they updated these "items" and the game was turned to whoever has more money is better.
    especially the japanese CSO was exactly like the normal one, just that you had to buy "more powerful weapons" which were available to all. but now the vash-only items kill you in one shot and you cant really beat them... >.<
    not to forget Pangya or Albatross 18 as whatever that is called, its like the same with the CSO, you cant beat a sissy little skirt that adds uber stats which everyone uses and you are stuck with a mediocre character looking at how "cool" they are toying with you...

    so any good suggestions are appreciated.