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    Well it's time to replace my old black DS Lite. It's been quite a run...not really. I hated my old Lite. The diagonals were so horrible and they were almost nonexistant. The L and R button are rather not stiff, but so loose that I don't know if I actually pressed the trigger all the way down. Not to mention my touch screen shifted a little bit. To top onto that, my volume and power slider became really, really loose. And to those of you that doubts me, I take EXTRA good care of my electronic hardwares, first couple things I bought right after purchasing my DS was not one, but 2 cases and 2 sets of screen protectors as well.

    Anyways, onto present things: I'm about to purchase a new DS Lite and I was wondering what other problems I should look out for. I've heard of broken hinges, yellow L/R buttons on Polar White DS, the problems I've experienced above, yellow screens, and shifting D-Pad. Another thing that I've read is that the Polar White DS's are built better than the Black Onyx in the case of buttons. Is that true? Anyways, thanks for your time and let's hope I'm going to get a good unit before that DSi ships in later this year.

    P.S. Yes I'm going to buy a DSi too, but I need something to operate my slot-2 flashcarts and expansion packs.

    EDIT: Is the Metallic Silver DS Lite problem-free and/or fingerprint-free as well?
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    Buy the crimson/onyx (red/black) which is my avatar. I've had it for a good 2 years and it holds up very nicely, and I have had no problems.