Buying a new romcart, recomendations?

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    May 8, 2007
    Hey all, I am an owner of an M3 simply, and my friend wants to buy it off me, so I said sure. I'm taking this oppurtunity to buy a better rom cart. I am mainly looking for the best compatibility, because it sure is a pain to get the newer ds games to work on my simply. It takes a lot of patching, which dosnt work out most of the time. Anyways, I would like high compatibility, and high functionality. Is there a card that does gba games yet? That would be a plus. Big storage is also a plus.

    Just tell me which card you think is the best!
  2. rockstar99

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    Dec 3, 2008
    High Compatibity:Acekard 2 $12(Reccomended!)
    Features:M3 Real $20(If you can wait for slow fixes!)
    Features & Compatibility:CycloDS Evolution $45(Highly Reccomended!!)
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    first, its not a "romcart", its a flashcart. second, cyclods, m3 ds real, supercard ds one or the acekard would suit you. in fact, do some more research and you will find that pretty much all still supported flashcarts do not need flashing. none of these can play gba games on their own however. you will need an ez flash 3in1 for that. the only slot-1 flashcart that will work is the iplayer and that doesn't play nds games. keep in mind that the cyclods doesn't work on a dsi nor does the ez flash 3in1.

    but if i were you, i would wait out for the supercard ds two. it contains that hardware from the iplayer and can therefore play gba games AND nds games. (though gba games will not be 100% compatible)

    from all of the above carts, there is no flashing needed (for the most part). in short, STAY AWAY FROM R4 CLONES...
  4. sumarth

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    m3i zero or m3ds real, depending on what ds toy have