Hacking Bug found GBA Exploder v.58b


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Aug 9, 2007
United States
Is there any other program that works with the new 3 in 1 exp pak 512mb of ram? This bug is driving me crazy!

Also how do you erase the game that is in PSRAM mode?

Anyone found this bug yet?

When you load a rom in NOR, does not matter which one after it is copyed to NOR memory, you load the game by hitting X, the game comes up but stays on the screen. You shut it off and load it again and the game plays just fine.

Anyone else have this issue?
In order to play a game in NOR you have to load it up shut the system off come back and then hit run for it to work.

If you have not tried this yet, can someone who has the new 3 in 1 pak please try to load up a rom in nor mode and see if it runs the first time? Please let me know here if it worked or not using GBA Exploder .58b

PSRAM plays on the first try just fine.

ROMS are clean and loaded on my previous cart no problems. I had to order a new one which I got the 512mb ram one, my previous one was defective battery was shortening out no matter how many times I replaced it. SO I know the roms work but for some reason it won't load in NOR on the first try.......

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