Brook to release PS3/4 to Dreamcast adapter.

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    Jan 4, 2016
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    Brook a company mostly known for creating various adaptors for consoles are releasing a PS3/PS4 adaptor for the Dreamcast following their PS3/PS4 to NEO‚ÄĘGEO and PSOne/PS2 adaptor.

    The Dreamcast had quite a variety of amazing fighting games in its library, like many other systems during its time, lacked a proper arcade stick to use them on well other than the official Dreamcast arcade stick.

    What this adapter aims to do is allow you to use various controllers from the PS3/4 like the Dual Shock 4 to a Madcatz or Hori arcade stick on the Dreamcast wireless or wired.

    The features include Button Mapping, X-Input Support, Turbo and Vibration Functions and finally USB and Wireless Interface.

    It retails at 39.95 USD you can preorder it from


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    That's actually super cool. I'm wondering what we do about our VMs :unsure: