Book series/franchises you are waiting for the next entry in?

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    I do try to make self explanatory topic titles.

    Anyway I started putting books and audiobooks on my PSP and then set up a computer (nowadays a laptop) for reading books in bed. To that end I have gone through more fiction books in the last year or so than I had in the previous several. However that also means I am not waiting for five or six authors to squirt out the newest book in a franchise.

    The vast majority of such books have been sci fi/fantasy but hey. I also find myself rarely ever reading prequels, 20 years on sequel series, side stories or anything like that. This does mean I have dropped The Prince of Nothing (though I do have the next one in paper form), Joe Abercrombie's The First Law, Michael J. Sullivan's The Riyria Revelations and The Black Magician/Kyralia by Trudi Canavan. This despite every single one of those seeing me stay up until it starts getting light reading them. I am not sure why I do this and there is a kind of exception for Brandon Sanderson books, I am guessing it was because I got more used to reading the massive 15 book epics from earlier authors when I was young and he does different series but that are still interconnected in various ways.

    It is fairly safe to say most of us are probably waiting for the next Game of Thrones/Song of Ice and Fire book. I did intend to read along with the TV series but that plan fell by the wayside fairly early on.

    A Sword of Shadows. Never read the previous series but thought I would do this one. 2010 was apparently when the last book was released (previously they appeared at a rate of about every 3 years) and not an awful lot has been said since.

    Gentleman Bastard. I was recommended The Lies of Locke Lamora and it was great, the next ones I found to be quite amusing but perhaps not as good/tight. Does not mean I will not be there day one for the next.

    The Kingkiller Chronicle. Name of the wind was something I enjoyed quite a bit, people seem really down on the next one though.

    Demon Cycle. The Painted Man/The Warded Man was quite amusing and had an interesting world/magic system that is slowly being explored.
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    I forgot
    +1 for Game of Thrones. Re-reading and re-watching the series in anticipation for Season 5 coming up.

    Also 1+ for the next Kingkiller book, I just finished the second book a couple weeks ago and it was...ok. The first one was definitely nice, though.
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    GoT of course, thread is made for that book :P

    Otherwise not really waiting on a book, though I haven't read anything of the books you've mentioned, I recognize the names/series but I just haven't got to it.
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    Dont really read fiction beside the classics. However the new harper Lee to kill a mockingbird book will be interesting
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