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    Well, I finally beat the game, so the review is a few weeks late, but I figured I'd at least beat the game before reviewing it. Let's begin shall we? (oh, and I'll try my best to not tell you spoilers)

    Now, the thing about this is you will most likely experience a different game than I did. You are given a lot of variables that will "Create your own personal nightmare" And it does a very good job at it. Every now and then you are in a first person view with a therapist, which instantly lets you know that you aren't exactly emotionally there. The therapist asks you questions dealing and makes you do little surveys in the form of games. Through all of these parts the game shapes a profile of you, and it's scarier if you actually answer the questions truthfully (at least the first play through.) The gameplay in game is intense. Though you can't get killed out in the open world, it is still insanely chilling with scary music, and a pitch black world while all you have is a flashlight that casts large shadows on everything pointed at it. There are pretty simple puzzles, though it doesn't put off from the gameplay since you really want to move on. The game tortures you (at least tortured me) and multiple times I wanted to just throw down the wiimote and stop, but it entices you to play it. In between the walking gameplay, there are running portions. These creatures chase you as you bust through highlighted doors and climb over ledges, while later in the game you solve puzzles while these things chase you. There are no weapons, and the only defense is a flare.

    The game gets progressively stranger, and you begin to question who's real and who's not. Yes you meet people in this seemingly abandoned town (named Silent Hill by the way) and all of them seem a bit... off. The characters develop well, and you form connections to some.

    Ahh, I haven't even started talking about what the game is about. So you are Harry Mason. You start with you in a car crash, then you try to find your daughter, Cheryl. You walk into an abandoned town, and you really can't get out. Though Harry doesn't want to get out, he wants to find Cheryl, and that's all you're obsessed with. And the rest is really up to you to find out without me spoiling anything for you, and especially because it'll be different for you.

    Anyway, let's break it down, shall we?

    Graphics: 9.5 - Incredible for Wii standards, though occasionally there's a mini glitch. Nothing major.

    Gameplay: 9.5 - Chilling as hell, and incredibly fun.

    Sound - 8.5 - Now, the music is very scary, but maybe overdone? There's just something that feels a bit off. The Wii-mote sounds are pretty clear, but maybe could have done without it.

    Tilt - I need to make it a 9 overall, so I'll just say, it was hard to play through for a non-horror fan, yet it was well worth trudging through it all

    (also posted on gamespot's user reviews)
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