Auto Injectuwad And Banner tool in one application?

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    Well as many of you know the wii has came a long way with the homebrew scene we can now make banners and homebrew channels for our CSM wii menus and a gr8 deal of libs have been released so i began to think what have we NOT done in this scene that might be usefull...

    Then i was making a dol injection of a wii homebrew game using Autoinjectuwad and then made a channel and a banner using a less than user friendly method with a very well written guide here on gbatemp While I was able to learn to make banners. it seemed rather time consuming ...Not real user friendly to be honest..This alone could stray people from developing better releases...

    So then i thought why not ask so here i am with my question...any option aside from WADder? seems it requires the user to file fetch a TON of files for it to work (FM20.dll ect) is there an alternitive to that app?

    Is there a way to make a app with a decent gui like autoinjectuwad have a say auto injectabanner (that uses u8tools and all that automaticly like heathii does for example) but feature all in one channel utility to pwn all the ultimate wad injection tool?

    just seems like a logical application to do for the direction we are heading it would increase the quality of CSM development as well as make it easier for homebrew developers to create bannered channels on the fly!