Gaming Any way to recover phothos after formatting my nintendo DSi?


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Nov 21, 2005
United Kingdom
If they were on the SD card then standard tools like (I doubt its partner program testdisk will be needed here but if you are putting together a kit then make sure to grab that at the same time) and and whatever other recovery software you like (I tend to find none do anything beyond what those two do as there are limited ways to pull off automated data recovery). The DSI behaves like a camera so something in the dcim folder will probably be it.

If they were stored on the DSi (don't know if they can be offhand but if it is like various types of phone) then not unless you made a backup of it, and you will want decryption keys for it. Without that I would not put it past say the AISI, NSA or similar national level signals intelligence and law enforcement to get something out of it, for us mere plebs then not so much.

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