Any solution for the 003 error yet

Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by stefanox, Nov 7, 2010.

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    any solution yet for the 003 error??

    maybe a new game with the system 4.3 update in it?

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    Apr 4, 2009
    I think some games may have 4.3 update by now, but the problem is, that may not even do any good. On Error 003 Wiis, these are Wiis that are truly Korean, but have had a USA, Japanese or PAL System Menu installed on them. Presumably, when this was done, the game region was also changed to USA, Japanese or PAL. Therefore, it would be impossible to boot a Korean disc on these Wiis, or hence to install an update from such a disc. And installing 4.3 of any other region will result in another Error 003.

    So really, that is not much use at all.

    The ONLY solution is to use a game based exploit, via a modchip which can autoboot games and SaveMii(Frii), to install a patched IOS60 to the IOS70 slot, or downgrade the System Menu to 4.1, installing IOS60 first of course. At the moment, the only really viable exploit is Smash Stack, because all others require you to already have a save game installed (although that could be done...more on that in a minute). Smash Stack works for USA and (unofficially) Japanese copies of the game, so if the region was changed to either of those, this method could be used. If it was changed to PAL, it can not.

    The other, less viable, option is a save game based exploit. This is a fair bit more complicated. You need to use this workaround : to access the save game management screen. Basically: Use a modchip to boot loads various games in recovery mode via SaveMii(Frii) and make saves until your Wii's memory is completely full. Then when you start the Wii, it will take you to data management screen, where you can delete some saves and copy over a save game exploit. Then boot the exploited game with the modchip, and trigger the exploit to install patched IOS60 or to install normal IOS60 and downgrade to 4.1. This is less viable as you need to own loads of games, and it takes a fair bit of effort etc.

    Right now, I believe there are no other options, except perhaps using a NAND programmer (i.e. Infectus) to install BootMii/boot2 on the Wii (if its old enough), and then using Comex's NAND Formatter to install IOS60 and System Menu 4.1, then use dop-Mii or something to install all IOS (except 60) and channels.
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