Another fake battery for DS Lite!!!


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Mar 28, 2018
Argh! I forgot about this.
@Nikokaro, you have to remind me if I promise to do a test and don't do it! Bad Sinchen! Bad, bad Sinchen!
I hope you don't insist on video proof for the experiment, because it would be very hard to do in a way that I don't appear in reflections on video.

Test result:
Without any warranty. Nobody should try this with working devices. I am not responsible for any damage anybody does to their DSi or subsequent data loss!

A DSi seems to work normally when giving it more than normal battery voltage (>4.2V). The system shuts down when reaching 4.5V and does not turn on again until lowering the voltage.
I did this a few times and left the DSi on for about 10 minutes on 4.4V. No problem at all.
→ I can't proof it, but I think it is unlikely that a garbage grade battery makes a DSi (or a DS Lite like in the example) unable to charge a working battery or do any other damage.

What I did not try was giving an insanely high voltage, like from two li-ion cells at once or even more. At some point something will certainly "blow up" (in figurative sense).
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