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Feb 21, 2015
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I finally decided to sit down and check out Dawn of Justice, as I just cant keep myself away from any comic genre flick/series. I grew up reading many different titles, watching the varying animated series, and watching whatever movies Hollywood churned out whenever I had the opportunity. From the original X-Men animated series, to Batman:TAS, to even The Shadow with Alec Baldwin, Ive always enjoyed seeing what I so enjoyed reading put on screen. TBH I don't believe there's a comic movie/series that I couldn't find some redeeming qualities in. So with this in mind I'll jump into my thoughts on BvS:Dawn of Justice.....

It starts out with a very tired, repeated introduction into the Batman. I would like to keep this spoiler free, however in this instance if you've seen ANY Batman movie or series, you'll understand when you see the first 10 minutes of this movie. As the story moved along, I felt there were many "interjections" to help force the progression of the movie. Many unneeded elements added, and a general feeling that direction and story development had little research done into the source material. Don't get me wrong, its not like I feel EVERYTHING was done without research, but I do feel the charisma and attitudes that has drawn people to these characters for 75+ years is essentially lost in the chaos of the movie. I didn't feel surprised by any events until the end, and even that was only because I didn't think WB would allow it in the script.

Surprisingly, I thought Affleck did a pretty decent job as Batman/Bruce Wayne. Considering what he had to work with as far as Director/Script, he pulled it off. I preferred Christian Bales portrayal, not because of acting, but because I felt the Nolan trilogy, while differing in atmosphere, portrayed the attitude and charisma the Dark Knight is known for as mentioned earlier.

Henry Cavill would be a great Superman IMO, if again, he wasnt held back by the terrible direction Zack Snyder is taking the DCCU. They briefly touched on it during the movie, but while Batman represents Justice for vengeance, Superman has always stood for Justice as Hope. His character IS hope. He's often referred to as "The Boy Scout". He's just so emo throughout the movie that you never get to see what he could become(Cavill) as again, the spirit of the character is lost.

Gal Gadot was only briefly utilized, but she shined, and I felt that even though she didn't get much screen time, what she had was well done and kept the spirit of Wonder Woman. She is by definition a warrior-type personality, and her portrayal during the battle scene made me feel like she was genuinely thrilled by combat.

Jesse Eisenberg....I really don't even know WTF to say.
Worst.Casting.Ever........Seriously. I don't know what idiot allowed Lex Luthor to be turned into a caricature of Ledgers Joker, but they need to be fired, rehired, then fired again so they cant even collect unemployment checks. Over the years Luthor's character has changed and depending on what era in comics you would draw the characters image from, you could go a few different directions with it. However, he was pretty much always seen as a mastermind, with a high degree of guile and cunning that could give any comic intellect a run for their money. How else could he go toe-to-toe with an alien that can play baseball with planets? He also had fall-back plans to keep himself absolved of blame should anything go wrong....nevermind....point is, Eisenberg sucks.

All-in-all, I would give this movie a 6-7/10. While I felt there were many flaws in the story-telling, the story, and the way two of my favorite comic hero's were portrayed, The cinematography, the supporting cast, and the overall experience was nice. If Snyder would bring in a creative consultant familiar with the source material to help with scripting, he would hit a home-run with a billion-dollar blockbuster. I watched with a very skeptical mind, but I did see some potential ......

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