Homebrew [ALPHA RELEASE] C_O_M_R_E_D: Open-Source Comic/Manga Reader for your 3DS

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Hello, all. I've been developing a comic reader for the 3DS called C_O_M_R_E_D. I wasn't initially planning on releasing it this early, but I felt that the app was usable enough, and I would like some feedback from the community on this project, so I'm making an Alpha release. As of now, many features are either not implemented or incomplete, so check back, as I will be posting updates on an irregular basis. DO NOT EXPECT A FULLY-FEATURED COMIC READER AT THIS TIME. THE APP IS STILL IN DEVELOPMENT.

Currently Implemented Features:
* Read a folder full of images as a comic (supported extensions are .jpg, .png, and .bmp)
* Orientation options: Hold the 3DS Upright and Sideways (Left- and Right-Hand Support)
* Zooming
* Page Selection (jump to a certain page in the comic)
* Partial theme support - see "Themes"

Planned Features:

* .cbz / .cbr support
* Comic/manga downloading feature
* A working options menu
* Automatic re-scaling of images (see "Known Issues")
* Default Orientation Loading (no need to switch before reading!)
* Better Icons (seriously, the app is ugly af right now)

Known Issues:
* There's a slight bug with the page selection that will kick you out of the comic if you jump to the last page. This should be fixed in later releases
* Due to the limitations of the 3DS, images larger than 1024x1024px will load up distorted. In the future, I'll try to add automatic scaling for said images so they'll load in-tact on the 3DS. However, for now, use Fotosizer to manually resize your images: http://www.fotosizer.com/
* (CIA Release only) If you try to exit by closing the app from the Home Menu, the 3DS will freeze. This is probably due to the fact that the RSF is unoptimized, this will be fixed later
* Slight bug with zeroes. Make sure each page has exactly the same number of zeroes, disregarding the number of digits in front. This will be fixed soon.

If you're using the 3DSX Build, download the 3DSX and put it in your /3ds/ folder. If you're using the CIA Build, download the CIA and install using a CIA installer of your choice.

Take the /data/ folder from the .zip file and put it at the root of your SD Card. Your comics/mangas should go in /data/C_O_M_R_E_D/comics/. Setup is pretty similar to Manga Reader: create a directory, and make sure the images are in numerical order. The number of zeroes and file extensions in a directory are auto-detected. Make sure all images have the same number of zeroes in front of them, or else the images won't be detected. However, the images can have a different file format and still work fine.

To switch the 3DS Orientation you're in while reading, press the icon next to the "Next Page" Icon. In the Default theme, this should look like a DS Icon.

Note: These screenshots are from a slightly deprecated build.


Yeah, I know. The Default Theme sucks. Fortunately, you can create your own! Just replace the images in /data/C_O_M_R_E_D/themes/test/ with your own! Make sure the images are the right dimensions, and that they use the PNG format:

These are the buttons that are displayed at the main menu. (53x30px)

The image displayed on the top screen when in the main menu and sub-menus, respectively. (400x240px)

Same as above, but with the bottom screen instead. (320x240px)

Buttons that perform their respective functions while reading a comic/manga. (35x35px)

In addition to the above images, you will also need the following for your theme:

Font used in sub-menus. Make sure it's in the .ttf format.

Specifies the colors used in sub-menus, as well as other info.
"theme.txt" uses "headers" to denote the type of info being read. Below each header should contain the content to be used by the program. Here are the following headers used by C_O_M_R_E_D:

The names should be self-explanatory. The font colors are used in the sub-menus.

[themeName], [themeDescription], and [themeCreator] should have simple text strings on the next line after the header. These strings should take up exactly one line in the file.

[topScreenFont], [bottomScreenFont], and [selectionFontColor] should have the R, G, and B values directly after the header, in that order. Each line should have the corresponding color value, in hexadecimal.

Here's an example of a valid "theme.txt":


Test theme




Download: https://github.com/laxex/C_O_M_R_E_D/releases
Source: https://github.com/laxex/C_O_M_R_E_D

Special Thanks:
Everyone on the 3DS Hacking Discord for helping me with this project's development.
@MarcusD for letting me use his File System Wrapper.
@Kartik for giving me permission to use code from his 3DS Multidownload app to use in the Comic/Manga Downloading feature. NOTE: THIS HAS NOT BEEN IMPLEMENTED YET, I'M CREDITING KARTIK IN ADVANCE.
@MyLegGuy for inspiring me to write this app in the first place, as well as for his original Manga Reader.
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I didn't expect your average GBAtemp shitposter (no offense) was capable of contributing and developing a homebrew, but I'm impressed, and looking forward to more!

Yeah, I'm trying to get above that. If anything, I'm kinda proud that your average everyday shitposter can be capable of something like this. Thanks!
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May 26, 2008
nice idea but the screen is big enough to be comfortable abd enjoyable? even phone screens aren't great for me, yeah we can always zoom but nice to see everything at once.

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If you have any trouble implementing my code just let me know i will be happy to help :) :).

Thanks! I'll let you know if I have any trouble.

nice idea but the screen is big enough to be comfortable abd enjoyable? even phone screens aren't great for me, yeah we can always zoom but nice to see everything at once.

Yeah, that is a bit of a problem on the 3DS, but the reader uses both screens, and can be oriented in any position. If that's not enough, let me know if there are any features that I can include to make the app more enjoyable. :)


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Jan 30, 2016
United States
So can i download tons of manga (Ones i have irl.. I technically own the ones I read digitally) and read on the go? Does the last page you're on save? easy UI to browse manga downloaded?

I'd check but I'm currently using CIAngel to install Bravely Default. (not pirating, I just bought a pre-owned physical copy.. so I can technically install a digital copy and never touch the physical one again right?)
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