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AKAIO v1.3rc2
AK Firmware Update
Normmatt and Smiths have been hard at work on the AKAIO firmware for the Acekard products. Acekard All-In-One (AKAIO) is now ready for release as v1.3rc2. This update includes 3-in-1+ detection, fixed DMA patching by default, the ability to hide extensions, font updates, AK R.P.G cheat engine updates, a large amount of 'behind the scenes' optimizations, game fixes, and much more. See below for the full change log.

Please follow the discussion link below to post comments about this update.

+ AK2i support (options that could potentially harm AK2i are disabled)
+ DMA mode on AK2 (Hold A while loading a game to use non-DMA mode).
+ Added Some of Gelu's patches:
- Faster Directory Listing.
- New List mode - Internal nds names.
- Lots of Soft Reset Fixes for the AKRPG.
- new DMA mode and BBDX save fix for the AKRPG.
- font system (fully supports unicode now :D).
- New FIFO IPC System (Behind the scenes stuff).
- Massive amount of soft reset fixes mainly for the AKRPG.
- Game fixes (Brain Age 2 (K), Chrono Trigger (U/J),...).
NOTE: because of new font system, language files now need to be utf8. Some have been converted such as English and Japanese but others will need to be saved as utf8 to work properly.
+ Added a few game related fixes (Yoshi's Island, Think Kids).
+ Japanese games now show Japanese characters in rom info window when language isnt set to Japanese
+ Files are now sorted alphabetically (Forced at the moment, sorry).
+ Loaders are now external and can be updated separately to the GUI.
+ Pokemon Diamond/Pearl/Platinum can now read saves for R/S/E/FR/LG from ewin and 3in1 (AK2 Only for now).
+ Cheat engine fixes, namely backlight codes now fully work (AK2 and AKRPG only for now).
+ Optimizations all round (Shouldn't have any lag in GUI anymore, also shouldn't experience any lag while saving).
+ Italian language added.
+ New 3in1 options window.
+ Show GBA internal name in Internal view mode.
+ 3in1 internal GBA rom header stuff and work on Save/Load prompts in 3in1 options window.
- Enable/Disable saving 3in1 SRAM on startup (Enabled by default)
- Enable/Disable prompting before saving/loading SAVSRAM (recommended!)
- Enable/Disable the Universal Sleep Hack for GBA games
- Blank NOR button added for quick erase
- Dump SRAM button will manually dump the SRAM to a timestamped .sav file in the root
- 3in1+ support (untested, but routines and discovery are in)
- Thanks to all donators!
+ Fixed some issues with the cheat window.
- Folders that only allow one cheat selected now function properly
- Separate icon for skinners for single-select folders (see included skins)
+ Animal Crossing cheats on AK2. (64 one line codes limit for now).
+ Official ARDS Custom ASM Hack is properly hacked to work with the AKAIO Cheat engine.
+ Unicode font loads on a per-ROM basis
- Default font is "kochi-mincho-subst.pcf" in /__aio/fonts directory, old unicode font removed (was 2x the size)
- Skinners may add their own custom font to their ui's directory
- New line in uisettings.ini "customUnicodeFont = xxxxxx.pcf" will load that font instead of default
+ Ability to hide extensions by manually adding "hideExtension = 1" to globalsettings.ini
+ Misc bug fixes (Too many to list).
AKAIO Bug Tracker
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