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    Nov 5, 2008
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    hi, i've been reading around the forums trying not to duplicate posts and ask the same questions...
    but is this still the way to load things onto the newer version of your dstt?

    To install TTMenu for DSTT:

    1. Download the firmware here:
    2. Unzip the firmware archive. It should have a file named TTMENU.DAT and a folder named TTMENU (which will contain a bunch of files). Drag TTMENU.DAT and the TTMENU folder onto your microSD card.
    3. Make a new folder on your microSD card called "games."
    4. Put one or two .nds files into the "games" folder.
    5. Remove the microSD card from your PC. Make sure you always use the "safely remove hardware" to remove the microSD card.
    6. Insert your DSTT into your NDS. Insert the microSD into your DSTT. You should get to a menu with your games in it. Click on a game to run it.

    (It was one of Bri's answers from an older post) :-D thanks bri?
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    That is generally how it works.