A few question about the Wiikey and installing

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    Feb 15, 2008
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    1) What is better to use Flux paste or solder rods?
    2) Is this going to be hard with no previous knowledge or experience?
    3) Would you recommend a magnifying lens or no?
    4) Where is the best place to position the WiiKey?
    5) In what order do I solder (flux> lay wire on chip> then move soldering iron to the flux)?
    6) Does it matter if the wires are long, or are shorter wires better?
    7) Does RadioShack have the small Philips screwdriver needed to open the Wii?
    8) What is the best method of holding the WiiKey in place?
    9) Can you rap the electric tape around the bare wire or can the tape not physically touch the bare wire?
    10) What are the best type and brand of DVDs to use?
    11) What do I do after I soldered the WiiKey?
    12) Where can I download these applications and iso's for the required stuff (like 1.9g and config disk)?

    --Thanks for the answers [​IMG]

    (sorry if some of these seem noobieish but I just want to make sure I get this right the first time)