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Discussion in 'Wii - Hacking' started by B0bbeh, Nov 16, 2008.

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    Nov 16, 2008
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    Alright so... I used to pay a little bit of attention to the Wii scene, back before even the twilight hack, then I decided to ignore it for a good while. Now I come back and all this is here.

    I've got the homebrew channel installed, a few VC games installed... so far so good.

    I'm feeling a bit sketchy about installing a custom IOS... will that affect me at all in the future when trying to play newer (store-bought copies) of games (that might need to update the Wii)?

    Will I be able to uninstall the custom IOS, to return to a completely normal Wii?

    What's the likelihood of bricking my Wii (considering I will be following instructions to the letter)?
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    There is a custom IOS uninstaller but I've read in different places that not all custom IOSes can be removed. Also just to give fair warning: custom IOSes can and will brick the occasional Wii -- legit IOS or not. Really the only thing that you will need is an IOS that gives the ability of reading a full DVD and as long as it's from a legit source there shouldn't be a problem. As for future compatibility noone knows when/if certain IOSes will be detected and cause games not to work properly. It is a game of cat and mouse and right now it is the cat's turn to strike back... ad infinitum...
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    The Wii has several IOS in its memory, IOS9, IOS21, IOS30, IOS35, IOS36 and many more. Until now nintendo updates updated one or more of these and/or added new ones, like the newest update adds IOS51. The custom IOS install as IOS249, IOS254, IOS247, IOS250 or other high numbers. As far as i understand they don't affect the nintendo IOS in any way and they can be removed completly with AnyTitleDeleter(DVDx is something else). As long as you don't press UPDATE on any unknown update from nintendo you will be safe. If there will be problems with custom IOS and certain new updates, all you have to do is to wait a few days. There are just incredible high numbers of lots of idiots hacking their wii and install new updates as soon as they are available.