6.1 to 9.2 Parental Control Master Key

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    There's no problem here just a query really, got a 2ds on 6.1, installed mset and upgraded to 9.2, came to switch the wifi settings (from previous owner) and got hit with the parental code screen.

    Rang Nintendo but didn't get through after 25 minutes of waiting, knowing that the key generator doesn't work past 7.x I didn't bother to try it. In the end thought i'll give it a go, went to the SALT mkey generator website and input my date and enquiry code and got a key back, to my surprise the key worked and I was able to remove the parental lock.

    My question is the way Nintendo generate the keys changed after 7.x so why did it work on my 9.2 2DS?

    NVM seems I read it wrong or it's changed since I last tried it,
    This supports the new master key algorithm currently in use since 3DS 7.2.0-X and Wii U 5.0.0.
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