1. RyuShinobi500

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    Oct 25, 2019
    United States
    Greetings to all who view this thread I have posted this because I have a few questions about 3ds homebrew development I have a 3ds running Luma3DS with firmware version 11.12.0-44U and a basic knowledge in C++ my goal is to program a text editor but I am having some problems the most important problem is creating a .txt file writing text to it and then saving it to the SD card I have already made a way for it to save to the SD card but I cannot figure out a way to save the written text to the file for example I have the user type there text which then saves to the string MyText then I display it by doing this cout << MyText << mybuf << endl; but I tried applying the same technique to the saving function and I only saves as a blank file any help would be much appreciated thanks
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