ZXDS Updated (v.0.8.1 beta 2)


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Mar 4, 2006
For you old school gamers out there, I'd like to point out that ZXDS ( the BEST Sinclair Zx Spectrum emulator ) has been recently updated and now supports, among other things , RZX playback ( which is a format used to capture and playback gameplay videos directly from within the emulator ), ZIP archives support ( now it's possible to browse them and lunch games and applications within ) and cheats ( POK files supported here ).

Here is the complete list of the new features :

QUOTE said:
ZXDS 0.8.1 beta 2 (3.12.2008)

* Tweaked RZX code to work with more nonconformant but commonly available recordings.
* Worked around sound clamping while keeping the sound loud by throwing dummy sample into the mix.
I knew there must have been a reason why I didn't use sound bias 0 alone long time ago.

ZXDS 0.8.1 beta 1 (27.11.2008)

+ RZX playback (no SZX snapshot support yet, though).
+ Files stored in ZIP archives can be browsed and loaded directly.
+ Support for poke cheats in POK file format, including autoload.
+ Added log screen for better problem diagnostics, especially those RZX related.
+ Turn off the bottom screen backlight after configurable timeout.
+ Automatically save state and enter sleep mode when the lid is closed.
* Alternatively boot from saves/boot.z80 instead of last session state.
* Skip loading of either state upon startup when L/R buttons are held.
* Replaced few busy loops with inactive waits to further improve battery life.
* Improved the last menu action to cycle through all recently used views.
* Extended the range of both AY and speaker samples to make the sound louder.
* Tweaked the Z80 snapshot loading code to support some less conformant files.

I now it's been out for a while already, but better late than never !

Go and grab it now !


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