Ys 7 PC teaser trailer

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    Ys 7 is coming to Windows Pc on Steam, Gog And the Humble store this summer, says the the latest trailer posted by XSEEDgames, and while graphically, there is little improvement from the PSP version, we can hope that the audio WONT be the downgraded PSP files. This game was released for the PSP to little reaction back in 2009, so a pc port is a pretty pleasant surprise, but not unexpected as Ys : the ark of Napishtism was released a while ago on steam.

    Ys 7 is set in the Land of Altago where our bumbling protags find themselves in trouble with the Dragon Knights shortly after arriving. i'm not going to lay out the full story here, but it's pretty good. In combat players can switch between the 3 characters in the party on the fly, dealing different types of damage to exploit enemy weaknesses.

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    looking good

    for those who don't know it's EECE :P
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    Neat. I like Ys, so if the pricing is right, I'll probably be buying this right as it gets released.
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