"XMTN" file format?

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    Jul 23, 2016
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    Does anyone know about these files? I couldn't find a single thing online.

    To get them, I used the XFSA tool to unpack Yo-kai Watch 3's "yw_a.fa". Then in the new "character" folder there's over 2000 folders, each being a different character model, presumably. They look like this:


    Inside each of them there's a few .xc files and a .xv file:


    I was again able to unpack the .xc files using the XFSA tool. Here's the resulting file structure when unpacking all of the .xc files in one of the folders:
    Warning: Spoilers inside!

    There's a ton of different file formats in there, and sadly I can't seem to identify any of them. However what is most interesting is the .mtn3 files, which are the largest. For example, y256000_p20/000.mtn3 is 32MB, so I'm assuming that's where the meat of the model is. Those files have the header XMTN0.

    Does anyone have any idea about any of these formats? I'm only interested in getting access to the character models, but that's proving to be a bit difficult.

    I'm afraid of uploading samples of the files as they're copyrighted, but if anyone is willing to help research them I can send them privately. Or if you just want more info, I'm happy to provide.