Xenoblade sketches in game iso?

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  1. SamehHussain

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    Feb 19, 2012
    Here are some odd files i pinched out the xenoblade iso, you'd imagine they'd this stuff out before release but it seems like they were really rushed over this so they must have left it in

    i got this from the pal version so it seems even weirder that they left in this stuff


    also notice the tags on the some of the images, and also take note that these arent in the artwork book, but probably could have been

    also, the files also had model data identical to the cutscene models, i havent looked into extracting actual cutscene data but it seems safe to deduce that these files were stored as cutscenes since on the iso they are next to all of the cutscene models

    (each cutscene has a corresponding model which displays the first frame of the cutscene, i assume its just there so there is not a black screen in case the video takes longer than expected to load, but i may be wrong)

    there are quite a lot more but most of the files are massive scribbles with no discernable features but with odd japanese word chucked in here and there
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    What tool did u use to display these etc
    And what was their file format?