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The Insane Statistician
Mar 4, 2010
United States
Last night, while dreaming, I was playing a game that at least my mind induced the feeling of enjoyment while playing it.

It's derived of mostly retro games but the idea of it is a combination of Zelda I & Zelda II, Super Mario brothers: the lost levels (SNES version), and the binding of Isaac.

Specifically the ideas from-

Zelda I: The character sprite looked like this
Zelda II: Anyone who has played this game knows that you develop a large amount of skills such as upstab, downstab, high jump... etc

Super Mario: the lost levels: The quality of the levels were like the SNES version. The designs of the level which I'll explain more soon were derived from this game.

The binding of Isaac: The idea that each level is randomly generated, it's possible to retrieve powerups in each level, the idea that there exists a large amount of possible powerups.

I remember playing as the link Sprite running through a Super Mario brothers level (that resembled the lost levels) but obviously because it was a dream, it was sort of randomly generated. The monsters that you fight are randomly generated. Each level has some sort of secret that has an opportunity to receive a powerup (downstab, upstab,health upgrades, strength upgrades, magic upgrades...etc). The first two levels are the scenes of an outside zones, (I can imagine the future levels being in castles etc..). Sort of like Binding of Isaac each play through is almost the start of a new one such that you start out with basic powers. However, the game would unlock new characters based on points gained, tasks done, game beat? etc...

Monsters generally got harder, but I can imagine different monsters in future levels. The end level bosses are random except maybe the last boss. The idea for powerups can be endless. The characters or levels were what's represented in my dream but that can easily be changed. Maybe enforce that all monsters be killed before moving to another section on the screen? Etc...

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