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    Dec 10, 2015
    Hi, after getting the leaked IOSU materials needed for CFW, Emunand, and a bunch of other goodies, I decided to make a CFW called "EarnestCFW".

    What it can do:
    - Emunand compatible.
    - Permanent hacks/homebrew
    - Forwarders for homebrew
    - Install ISO games directly through the use of ISO managers
    - And More

    I won't post a link but here's a riddle to get not only the IOSU keys and all that junk, but my CFW as well.

    "56781254389 haha jk pls dont post about IOSU."
    "My brain can't handle the wait, and the hype."
    "Plus, too many joke threads and like, ironically, this one.
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