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    Ok so Im bout to start burning and play Wii games and I was looking at a list of iso and they have wii scrubbed game and ones that weren't....what does this mean and how will it effect my burned games and since I'm here are Maxwell DVD-r good quality DVDs for the Wii
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    i would use verbatim media, no faster then 4x, always work for me, no problems
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    Scrubbed games are smaller, packed iso files. Once you extract them, you'll burn the dumped iso itself, that is, the full-sized one. For example, someone uses WiiScrubber on a 4GB iso. It reduces its size to, let's say, 1GB. But now, it's packed on a RAR file, so you can't burn it -- yet. You have to extract it (back to 4GB) so that you can burn it later. Basically, they're "shrinked" Wii games. Technically, it's not that simple.
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    If you just read the noob guides like everyone else you wouldve answered your own question instead of junking up our forum
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    please use the search function next time....

    however let me correct some information....

    wiiscrubber is mainly used to enable a game iso file to be compressed better and stored into a compression container file....
    such as rar,zip,ace.... etc....

    now as per making the iso file smaller it does not.... it actually organizes information in a better way to be compressed...
    so the iso will still report its the same size....

    now wiiscrubber can also be used to replace files within the game iso as well...

  6. gd6noob

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    basically, you dont have to download many files with a scrubbed game..

    usually a non scrub game will have around 40-45 rar files while a scrubbed game will have less..

    i had a scrubbed game with only 2 rar split files which was 350mb.. but onces uncompressed it was back to a full dvd size..