WiiConnect24 game #1: Elebits

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    Elebits is reported to make history as the first ever WiiConnect24-game. Therefore, via the Wi-Fi connection of Nintendo, you will have the option to send new content online to Wii users, every time you're connected to WiiConnect24.

    So, playing the game, you can edit maps and levels with option rules in the "Editor Mode", and actually send and share it to a friend. Apart from this, you can also take photos and send it as well.

    Who else will be joining Elebits on the WiiConnect24 club? So far, there's Pokemon Battle Revolution, Metroid Prime 3: Corruption, and Super Smash Bros. Brawl. And according to ever-trusty Wikipedia, the following have also taken interest in taking advantage of the WiiConnect24 feature:

    * Far Cry Vengeance
    * Battalion Wars 2
    * Mario Strikers Charged
    * Animal Crossing Wii
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    how do get the damn thing to work? everytime i select it, it tells me to read the agreement, and i do, then it updates, and the next time i go to the menu, it says its turned off again.... i'm probably missing something really stupid..
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    I was lead to believe TP can also have online updates?