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    Nov 26, 2010
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    I have spent a lot of time at this point, watched all the Youtube videos I can find, and I have searched out many different sites. I am hoping for some HELP at this point.

    I have installed multiple USB Loaders via Homebrew, and when I launch them they work fine, or so it seems. The game that is on the usb drive, that was loaded via WBFS, shows up and then nothing. I load the game and it does not run. The screen may go green for a moment, but nothing happens after that and I just stare at a black screen. I am out of ideas at this point and am wondering if there is something I am missing, if the game could be bad, or if I am just out of luck.

    My system is on version 3.2, and it seems to be running fine. Homebrew launches with ease and normal discs play fine.

    I am wondering if my SD card is supposed to have more information on it? I noticed that in many of the videos people had many more apps than myself, but I am also thinking those are just other games. Do I need a file on my SD card or in my app folder for each game that I load onto my external hard drive?

    I am also wondering, have any of you successfully loaded games onto your external hard drive/USB device using WBFS and then the game just did not work? My current idea is that the game is bad and that I need to try something else. I am not sure this is correct though, since the game went through the WBFS process and everything seemed successful, or at least that is what the program told me.

    If anyone can help me with this subject, send me to a specific video that will lead me to my answer, or let me know of some written information that will cure this issue I would greatly appreciate it. I feel that I am very close, but I cannot get the game to load. I need HELP.

    Thanks so much.
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    I'd say follow the IOS process on the Hack Any Wii thread or get an app like Pimp My Wii, run that and let it update your IOSes cuz that sounds like it might be the problem
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    Sounds like NTFS formatted to WBFS.
    Did you format the drive to Fat32 before you made it into a WBFS drive?