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    For the last 2 days, my Wii has been turning off while playing Guitar hero (completely, as in no power to the console. The red standby light isn't on). It has happened at my friends house and at my house. I am assuming that I am going to have to get it sent in for repairs or get it swapped out.

    The only question is, what happens to my VC games and the Internet channel(I got it for free when it first came out)? I can back up all of my gamesaves pretty easily, so that isnt a problem. It's just that i have 2800 points in Virtual Console games that im not willing to just give up.

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    I dont know about your Wii points but what i might know something about your problem. Do you have the conect 24 turn on? I did, and when i went to change disks in my wii for the firs time that month, also the fist time touching it in a month lol. it was very very warm. it didnt make sense, when connect 24 is on, the wii is in a low power mod sorta thing always checking for updates, but if u dont turn the thing on it over heated, as a result when i tryed to play a game that day it only lasted 3 mins be for crashing. its just a suggestion to turn it off(and conect 24) and let it cool for a little while( compressed air in a can or an air compress can help the prosses just becareful not to go too crazy when blowing it ou, be sure to unplug everything if u try this.) hope that may have helped. let me know how things work out.

    On a side note, you can now gift wii points to another wii, dont know if that helps at all, just might give you and idea how to transfer points if nintendo dose not support that, but i have a feeling they will refund your points.
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    You have to tell Nintendo that you have Wii points, so they know to transfer it to your new Wii.

    Everything will be kept, except Miis you created will not be considered to be created by you anymore(but still be there), and you'll get a new Wii number.