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Dec 31, 2016
Okay, i have alredy searched up the entire internet, and i couldn't see anyone with this annoying glitch.

I have a Black Wii since 2012, okay, everything's wonderful and fine since then, i played alot in that console until 2014, after that date, i didn't want to play it anymore so i put it back on my box. It was left there until september 2016, oh boy, that's where everything started... I was missing my Wii so i got it turned on, everything was working perfectly fine. But this year ( February i guess) some of my channels started to have a laggy animation when you click it (zooming in and out) as you can see here:

But that's not all, it also started to randomly fps drop/lag ingame: i noticed the fps goes to 20-30 for 3/4 seconds then it goes back to normal, even for usb or disc games, for example: I was playing Mario Kart Wii , normaly driving, but then the game starts lagging and after some seconds it gets stable again. This is really annoying. I thought this was happening because my Wii is alredy 6 years old, but people told me their 2007 Wii still works fine. My Wii is in perfect conditions, i never dropped it or something.

EDIT: There's one important thing i noticed: When i play on the console continuously (for like 30 mins or 1 hour) the channels will lag (like in the video above). I don't know if that has something to do with the console or the cpu being stressed... but that's a little thing i noticed.

Heres the things i have alredy tried to deal with this: -Reset to factory defaults.
-Send it to repair (the guy from the stored said he did overheating tests and the temperature is normal, he also said the internals are fine.)
-Use the console in a CTR television
-Cleaning the cooler (Compressed air)

Please help me, this is really annoying, any answers are appreciated, thanks you all... :D
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