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    Okay, I went into Wal-Mart looking for another Classic Controller for my wii. I have a friend thats going to be visiting and I wanted to be prepared. Well, all they had in stock was the Pro versions, so I picked up a slick black one, and here is my humble review!


    The shell itself is of coarse hard plastic, split into two parts. Like the Classic controller before, the top half is glossy, while the bottom is matte and slightly textured. With the Pro, the first thing I noticed was the matte had a bit more of a rough texture. This is great for me, since I have a slight sweating disorder, and any bout of gaming will make my controllers slightly sweaty. No prob for the pro, The grip of the controller was never lost due to sweatiness.

    Now to talk about the top half. the glossy part. The black one, as you could already guess is a fingerprint magnet. It will drive you insane if you don't like that sort of thing. No points off because of that though, just personal preference. The glossy top looks very nice on the Black model, but doesn't give that "slippy" feeling when gaming. Awesome.

    The handles, or "horns" as some of you call them fit very well in my palm. I would say it's on par with the Gamecube controller as far as comfort is concerned. This combined with button placement, I never had "Monster Hunter Claw" or any cramping even after I played for 6 straight hours. This is a very comfortable controller indeed.

    As said before, I never had the slippy feeling on the buttons or the top of the controller, mainly because the buttons are fairly large and raised. Now, I still would rather have convex buttons like the SNES, the concave will do nicely anyway. The - and + buttons are raised a bit more on the pro, and the Home button is no longer sunken in. This is a great improvement overall. The D-pad still remains the same, which in my opinion is a good thing.

    Now into the shoulder buttons. This along with the newly added horns, are the main draw with the new controller. The L and R buttons are no longer pressure triggered. (if they ever were to begin with) You no longer have to depress the buttons a full 3/4 of and inch to press the button. They have become regular shoulder buttons on the Pro. Another vast improvement, but points off, because they are more squishy than clicky. With the original Classic the shoulder buttons severely hampered my reaction times. Now, with the ZR and ZL buttons, they are now under the L and R buttons, PS2 style. As the placement is another great improvement with these, they do not suffer the same "squishiness" as the L and R, but they are still not as clicky as I would like.

    Playtesting and Homebrew compatibility:

    It works will ALL emulators I tested, it works with HBC, and it worked with a few homebrew games compatible with the Classic. I am in assumption that all input addresses are the same on the Pro, and homebrew compatibility will not be an issue.

    I tested this out with a few games such as Mario Kart and Smash Brothers Brawl. Before I was reluctant to play the games with the original Classic, as it just didn't feel right in my hands at all, the Classic Controller Pro works just as well if not BETTER than using the gamecube controller. It seriously makes the games that were incompatible with the Gamecube controller that much better.

    Score: 9/10
    (1 point off for the squishy L and R buttons, but would have been 2 if it wasn't such an improvement from the original)

    Definitely pick this up. I only use my original classic for emulation now.